Be. You. Tiful. by Alexandra


Permanent Makeup and Teeth Whitening


All Services By Appointment Only


 Teeth Whitening

1 hour session, 3 treatments  $64.95



 Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner Top & Bottom  $350
Eyeliner Top or Bottom  $200
Waterline  $450
Eyebrows  $350
Lip Liner  $350
Full Lips  $450

 Touch Ups

 Any work not done by Alexandra is full price

Work done by Alexandra  
1st touchup (within 1-2 Months)  Free
2nd touchup (within 3-6 Months)  $60
3rd touchup (withn 7-36 Months)  $100
4th touchup (over 36 Months)  Full pricing

*All Prices Are Subject to Change